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Keep the Campaign Momentum Moving Forward

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Following up a campaign with another one may be a surprising suggestion, but there are many reasons to recommend it. A common pushback is potential donor fatigue. Frankly, this is an ongoing fundraising issue, even without a campaign, that should be addressed with better communication and cultivation strategies to keep donors engaged and excited about “all the great work taking place.” As appealing as it may sound to take an extended break between campaigns, the smarter plan is to keep the campaign momentum moving forward.

Leverage the learning curve 

Going through a campaign allows a nonprofit to assess and improve its donor database, train and engage its board, add advisory members who have influence and affluence and give development staff members confidence in their ability to solicit major gifts. While the institutional knowledge at its zenith, consider the nonprofit’s next goals and begin laying a foundation for the next campaign.

Deepen new donor relationships

 A successful campaign uncovers new prospects and donors. Without skipping a beat, continue cultivating prospective supporters. Continue scheduling and undertaking the development activities taking place during the last campaign: onsite tours, small board-hosted events, regular communication through newsletters and social media, etc. Don’t allow the visibility gained from a campaign to ebb for long before a new, quiet phase begins.

Campaign with great confidence

Nothing breeds success like success. While the last campaign may have taken more time and preparation to build energy and enthusiasm, the next campaign will have the distinct advantage of referencing recent wins. A larger building, expanded programs, new client testimonials and other examples of the mission in action will give the development team an arsenal of evidence that “this is a nonprofit making a difference.”

Early adopters to a campaign are often risk takers and opinion makers. When properly cultivated for the next campaign, they can be agents of change. Another advantage is many people who heard about the first campaign, who were watching and waiting on the sidelines, may be ready to hear more. If you need help preparing for your first campaign or getting your next one rolling, reach out. We’d be happy to help.

Ross Pfannenstiel

Ross Pfannenstiel

Executive Vice President and Chief Consulting Officer

Kansas City, Mo.

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