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Take Care

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Take care is a phrase that’s said so often, it’s easy to miss the meaning. But what if we actually listened and heeded the advice?

Last fall, I took Kinetic’s first, one-month sabbatical. There was only one requirement: Step completely away from work. For those who have spent many years focused on performance and achieving lofty goals—the entire Kinetic team is among this group—relaxing isn’t always a simple task.

I challenged myself to get the most out of this sabbatical. I wanted to be intentional, without overthinking. I reminded myself that there was no problem to solve. “Just relax, and take care,” was the goal.

I divided the four-week sabbatical into three segments: two weeks traveling with my husband to the Maritimes; a week alone at a writer’s colony; and a week traveling with a good friend to Montreal.

My sabbatical was well-planned, but a mind, body and spirit free of work-related issues were benefits I hadn’t anticipated. I had full confidence that my Kinetic colleagues were capable, supportive and prepared to step in for me, so I had no thoughts of unanswered emails, projects or projections.

This left time for my most pressing challenges: choosing which trail to hike, positioning the camera to capture the most beautiful view or deciding between a lobster roll or chowder for lunch. The time spent stepping away from work was literally a breath of fresh air.

A sabbatical is a significant investment for any organization, but from a personal and professional leadership standpoint, I highly recommend it. Kinetic’s gift of time will be repaid many times over. Renewal, reflection, creativity and heightened energy will be reflected in my work with clients and interactions with my team, and—at the risk of overstating it—extended through the life-changing missions carried out by our clients.

Kinetic knows that the power of philanthropy can be unleashed when donors, professionals and volunteers come together meaningfully. This year, let’s all take care. When we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to take care of each other.

Karin Cox
Karin Cox, MFA


Wilmington, N.C.


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