Strategies for Success

Utilizing Multi-platform Funding Options

Utilizing multi-platform funding options is an essential strategy for diversifying nonprofit revenue streams. At the same time, presenting a unified message across all platforms while tailoring each message to its unique audience can prove challenging.

Integration of mission, outcome validation, objectives and call to action are critical.

Adapt a unified message to targeted audiences

Unified messaging can then be tailored to speak to target audiences. Each target audience may have different expectations and preferences for communication.

Developing innovative, target specific and consistent communication is critical. For instance, supporters who find you on TikTok will expect something different from those who interact with you on Facebook. Long-time patrons would likely respond to a letter of appeal discussing the relationship they have to the organization. Prospective donors will need to have a letter tailored to their common interests in the organization. Board members and volunteers from different target audiences can be utilized to craft the  specific language, tone and content for each demographic.

Include objective outcomes and anecdotal stories

Some current and prospective donors will appreciate statistics over stories. Others will be more motivated by personal stories. Cast a wider net by including both.

Keep your statistics and stories fresh and up to date. No matter how great the award or compelling the testimonial, the shelf life is short. Reusing the same numbers and stories repeatedly can—fairly or not—convey a message that nothing new has taken place. That’s not true, so tell them something new!

Make it personal

Use powerful photos to persuade audiences about the need and how they can contribute to the solution. Share news about all the good things taking place at the organization. Make them feel something, and make a goal to create a sense of community while amplifying the good work you’re doing.

Speak to your audience. Utilizing personalized, targeted and segmented communications with multi-channel marketing can create new donor streams, solidify long-term donors and create consistency in current donorship streams.

Beth Johnson, Ph.D. (c.), M.Phil.

Executive Vice President

Chicago/Los Angeles

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